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I always here the statement “be where you are” or “be present”. Sometimes I hate hearing this because I always have so much going on with our family, LeSueur Car Company, CrossFit Preferred and now Transcend Daily. I have a ton on my plate each week. I know most people have a ton going on so it is very important to be where you are and be present wherever you are each day.

Plans Change – Adapt

My original plans this week was to do a write up about the Spartan Race and what I learned from the race but that is going to have to wait until this next week. Tiersa, all 5 of our kids and I for Fall Break are at a cabin this week just north of Payson, Arizona near the Mogollon Rim. I took off Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday. I have decided to be where I am and enjoy our family. We have had a great time being together with no distractions from work and everything else we always have going on each day. We had Maya and Ella leave their iPod and iPhone (our home phone) at home. One of the best things about this cabin we are at besides the amazing view is we have no cell phone coverage. I get so many calls and texts each day between the gym and the car lot.

We had a great time as a family, hiking and playing together.

Tonto Natural Bridge

One of our favorite hikes is at Tonto Natural Bridge. It is a perfect hike for the kids. It is about a half mile each way. There is a stream at the bottom and a natural waterfall that falls like rain. It is a beautiful area. It is a great day trip or lots of fun if you are staying in the area. It is only 90 Minutes from Phoenix. 


Make Family Your Priority

My message this week is to be where you are each day and to be present  especially with your family. Put the phones and other distraction away and be with them. Enjoy the moments with your family and create long lasting memories. This has been a great vacation with the family this week!

How can you be more present with your family? What distractions are stopping you from being present? Don’t wait for a vacation to be where you are with your family.

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