What Is Macro Counting?

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We all know there is and endless amount of information out there on nutrition and dieting. Tiersa and I have experimented with so many different diets/nutrition plans that worked for a short time but didn’t teach us lifestyle changes that we could sustain over the years until we learned about Macro Counting! A couple of years ago Tiersa was introduced ... Read More

Be Present – Be Where You Are

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I always here the statement “be where you are” or “be present”. Sometimes I hate hearing this because I always have so much going on with our family, LeSueur Car Company, CrossFit Preferred and now Transcend Daily. I have a ton on my plate each week. I know most people have a ton going on so it is very important ... Read More

Why Sleep Matters

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The other night as I was tucking my 6 year old Milly in bed she  asked me why do we have to sleep? She said, sleep is so boring! At that time I gave her a pretty quick answer and told her it helps us to grow and stay healthy. She stalls going to bed each night asking Tiersa or ... Read More