Invest In Yourself – Change Your Life

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We have had a challenge with our 9 year old daughter Ella struggling to read at grade level the last couple years. We started reading with her more and discussing with her teachers and we were not able to help her improve as much as she needed. Tiersa started asking around and found out about a company called Lexercise. It ... Read More

Why Sleep Matters

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The other night as I was tucking my 6 year old Milly in bed she  asked me why do we have to sleep? She said, sleep is so boring! At that time I gave her a pretty quick answer and told her it helps us to grow and stay healthy. She stalls going to bed each night asking Tiersa or ... Read More

Benefits of Meditation – Morning Routine # 5

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About 5 years ago I started learning about mindfulness meditation as I was training for SEALFIT Kokoro Camp. They have a program called Unbeatable Mind that they recommended I study before going to their hardest event called Kokoro Camp. I was definitely nervous to say the least about doing a 50+ hour boot camp so I worked on everything they ... Read More