Why Sleep Matters

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The other night as I was tucking my 6 year old Milly in bed she  asked me why do we have to sleep? She said, sleep is so boring! At that time I gave her a pretty quick answer and told her it helps us to grow and stay healthy. She stalls going to bed each night asking Tiersa or ... Read More

Benefits of Meditation – Morning Routine # 5

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About 5 years ago I started learning about mindfulness meditation as I was training for SEALFIT Kokoro Camp. They have a program called Unbeatable Mind that they recommended I study before going to their hardest event called Kokoro Camp. I was definitely nervous to say the least about doing a 50+ hour boot camp so I worked on everything they ... Read More

Family First – Morning Routine # 1

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The first area I worked on 5 years ago was with my family. I needed to make sure I dedicated some time to them each day. This has not been easy at all! Being in the car business I unfortunately and fortunately have some late nights. We don’t kick people out when they are ready to buy a car:)  Now ... Read More