Make 2018 Count!

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It all starts with minutes, minutes turn to hours, hours into days, days into years,  Don’t waste your time! Get what you want out of 2018 and your life! Make this the year that you start working hard for what you want out of life! As of today I have been alive over 357,408 hours. I figured this out by ... Read More

Unwind, Recover And Make Memories

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This week Tiersa and our family went to St. George, Utah for Thanksgiving. The timing has been great!  I have been feeling super burned out with work, the gym and everything else going on in life. Monday morning I hurt my low back and was not sure if I could make the drive because I was hurting so bad. We ... Read More

2 Ways To Practice Motivation

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Today I was talking with one of our members at our gym CrossFit Preferred and she was sharing with me how she has been struggling with motivation. I have so much respect for the members of our gym that are making huge changes in their lives. We have a lot of people come in that are coming in not having ... Read More