What Is Macro Counting?

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We all know there is and endless amount of information out there on nutrition and dieting. Tiersa and I have experimented with so many different diets/nutrition plans that worked for a short time but didn’t teach us lifestyle changes that we could sustain over the years until we learned about Macro Counting! A couple of years ago Tiersa was introduced ... Read More

Drink Water

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Drinking Water and Weight Loss - 10 Ways To Drink More Water I’m sure you have all heard “drink your water” as you start a new weight loss or healthy eating habit. You might already be great at drinking water, or you may struggle to even get a single bottle in during the day. We are all in different places ... Read More

Recipe – Crockpot Ranch Chicken

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Crock Pot Ranch Chicken: This is a great meal for anybody that wants to meal prep! You can have this ready and use it for tacos, salads or just for your protein. This is a super easy meal to prepare and have ready. 3-4 Chicken breasts 3 Tablespoons of low sodium taco seasoning 3 Tablespoons of ranch seasoning mix 2 ... Read More