Some Thoughts On Parenting

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This week has been non stop for our family. I am definitely taking on way more than I probably should with a family. I am working on simplifying in some areas and focusing on what matters most and that is our family. For this weeks post I wanted to share some thoughts on parenting I have been having today and ... Read More

Unwind, Recover And Make Memories

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This week Tiersa and our family went to St. George, Utah for Thanksgiving. The timing has been great!  I have been feeling super burned out with work, the gym and everything else going on in life. Monday morning I hurt my low back and was not sure if I could make the drive because I was hurting so bad. We ... Read More

5 Ways To Have A Successful Marriage

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K + T
This week Tiersa and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary! We have now known each other almost 16 years! We met on Super Bowl Sunday at church. She came in late and walked right by me as I was sitting with a friend and I told him I was going to get her number. Only problem was she got up ... Read More

Be Present – Be Where You Are

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I always here the statement “be where you are” or “be present”. Sometimes I hate hearing this because I always have so much going on with our family, LeSueur Car Company, CrossFit Preferred and now Transcend Daily. I have a ton on my plate each week. I know most people have a ton going on so it is very important ... Read More