The Power of Yet – How Will You Be Remembered?

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The Crack

The other night my 9 year old daughter Ella said to me while we are all eating dinner together “You know how you are always teaching us to become a little better each day?” I answered yes and she then told me about this term she just learned at school called the power of yet. I will explain this term in a moment.

Leave a Legacy

I was very excited that she said I was teaching our family to become a little better each day! This is the legacy I want to leave my family, friends and everyone I get to work with in life. I want to be remembered as somebody that always worked on improving each day and that encouraged others to do the same.

We learn from the late Stephen R. Covey in the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People that we have to begin with the end in mind. We are creating how we will be remembered now. We can choose to be remembered as someone who always worked on improving or someone that focused on the negatives and let that keep them from moving forward.  You get to decide how you want to be remembered. 

The Power Of  Yet

Ella taught me that night that “The Power of Yet” means that if we feel we can’t do something hard like lose weight, exercise each day, speak in public, run a marathon and many other things that we think we can’t do that we need to end the sentence with “YET”.  So we could say I do not know how to lose weight YET instead of I can’t lose weight. I can’t run a marathon YET instead of I can’t run a marathon. I can’t exercise each day YET. Only you can decide what you are not better at YET. If we truly want to be great at something and be remembered for something great we have to take the first step then another and then another until we get to where we want to be.

How Do You Decide How You Want To Be Remembered?

Establish Core Values

Decide what core values you are all about. It is easy to make a list of these core values but it is more valuable to narrow it down to a few core values that are what you are really about. For me one of my core values is to be the best husband and father to my family that I can be. This means when something comes up that could take me away from my family  I have to decide if it is in alignment with my core value of my family. I am currently working on narrowing down my core values. This is something new for me that I have not done YET.

Make Time For Silence

Often when I run alone I am able to think about what matters most. When I am out in nature focusing on the beauty and running I have some very awesome thoughts come to mind that I will later write down and work towards. You do not have to be a runner to find time for silence. You can go on a walk, you can find time for silence while taking a shower or on your drive to work. The important thing is to turn off your phone and not be distracted by everything that is always going on. 

This last year while training for the Red Hot 55K Ultra Marathon in Moab, Utah I trained multiple runs by myself because I was unable to find very many people that wanted to run as far as I was at the time. I had multiple training trail runs that worked up to 30 miles. It was one of the hardest things I have ever trained for YET. It was a challenge to run some of those runs solo but the thoughts and the time I had to my self were so valuable and really helped me to focus more on what matters the most each day.

It Is A Journey Not A Goal – Enjoy The Present

We learn from an ancient Chinese proverb attributed to Lao – Tzu that “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step”. We have to watch our step and start taking the steps that will help become who we want to be each day. Remember what you do each day determines who you will be.

A few months ago we took our kids, nieces and nephews to a park in St. George, Utah called Pioneer Park. This park is a very fun park that you can climb and hike around at and find some adventure. There is this one spot in the park that is called, “The Crack”. Todays picture is of this place. It is a crack in the mountain that is extremely narrow. I found it months before when I took Brody on a little hike there. He would not go through it with me that day and honestly I was relieved. I do not think of my self as a claustrophobic person but it was definitely not comfortable.

I knew that I was going to have to do it this day and I planned on encouraging our kids to do the same. We started to maneuver our way through it as a family. It was not a huge problem for the kids but for Tiersa and I we did not think we would fit. We started to go and at a couple points we got stuck and would have to contort our body and pull ourselves up to make it through certain spots. My nose rubbed the wall at one point and I had to take my hat off. It was not a comfortable feeling and I literally got stuck a couple times. It was crazy! Our girls were also scared but continued on. Ella quoted Eleanor Roosevelt and said “Do One Thing Everyday That Scares You”. With that being said Tiersa and I knew we had to make it through. We just kept taking one step at a time and continued on. After multiple steps we made it to the top. We were all excited that we made it through this narrow crack! 

You may not be exactly how you want to be remembered YET. That is okay all you need to do is start taking that one step at a time and work on becoming how you want to be remembered. Do not make it a goal make it a journey and enjoy where you are at each day. It is so important to focus on where we are at in life and find the joy in the journey each day.

crack 1 – A view from the top of Tiersa and myself:)

What Will You Start Doing Today?

What will you start doing today to work on your legacy of how you want to be remembered?

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