The Trap of Frequency Illusion

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The other day I set some expectations of things I needed to get done for CrossFit Preferred and Transcend Daily before I left to work (LeSueur Car Company) and I struggled to get them accomplished in the time I gave myself. I have been trying to do way to much lately and I am currently training a few people to help me with day to day tasks that we have to get done at the gym. I left for work feeling frustrated and I let it throw off my day.

This is an area I struggle in sometimes and yesterday was a day I was feeling mentally week. I was feeling sorry for myself that things were not going the way I wanted at the gym. I have so many things I want to accomplish at the gym and it is such a struggle to make it all happen and work a full time job on top of all that we are working on improving at CrossFit Preferred. It has been teaching me how to delegate more and create some opportunities for a couple more coaches that we have hired recently. It has retaught me that I really need a team to succeed.

Feeling frustrated and negative became a trap that I fell into yesterday. I was trying super hard to control it and I fell short. It took me until about the end of the day before I started to pull myself together. I needed to detach myself from the things I wanted to accomplish and stay focused on what I needed to do at that time. It is up to ourselves to control our mindset and attitude and I definitely fell short yesterday. This will happen in life but we have to move forward.

Frequency Illusion

I have been reading the book Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron. It is an incredible book! I thought back to this book and thought of a term called Frequency Illusion. It is a term that a Stanford professor named Arnold Zwicky came up with while at Stanford. You can see information on it by clicking HERE.  It is basically how we will notice something again and again in our minds even though it has been around us all of the time.

I notice this often with cars. We start to deal in a new type of car at the car lot and all of a sudden I start to notice that type of car everywhere. I also hear customers say this all the time. It is not likely that all of a sudden these cars started magically appearing all over the place. It is more likely that we started to notice them everywhere because our minds became tuned to noticing them.

The same thing can happen with frustration and negativity. If we start to focus on the fact that things are not going our way that is exactly what our mind will stay focused on until we find a new idea to focus on.

Only You Can Control Your Focus

I notice a lot of people complain in the Summer that it is so hot.  When we focus on the fact that it is hot we will feel more hot because that is where our mind is at during that complaint. The problem with this is that when we focus on something that has either happened already or the fact that it is hot we will focus on that thought. It is more detrimental that you might think. There are things that are going to be out of your control each day like the stress of not accomplishing a task, it is hot outside, frustration with people around you, traffic and many other things that can get us down if we let them.

Why Are You Shivering!

About 5 years ago I was at SEALFIT Kokoro Camp and it was about 3:00am on our first night of no sleep. Kokoro Camp is a 50 plus hour grueling event with no sleep put on by Navy Seals. We were on the beach and I was so wet, cold and shivering uncontrollably or so I thought. One of the cadre came up to me and said;  “why are you shivering!” I of course said because I am cold. He said you are not cold it is in your head. He said control your breathing and stop focusing on the cold. I did this and all of a sudden I stopped shivering. It worked and I made it through that part of the evolution. I have thought back to that many times since. I learned such a great lesson that night that I think back to often.

 Focus On The Positive And Don’t Fall Into The Trap of Frequency Illusion

What I needed to do is focus on the things that I did accomplish (a positive) and come up with a plan to finish the other things like this post and other items on my list. I was getting stuck in the past. We need to recalibrate and refocus on what the next step will be for us each day.

What I like to do is use my Commit to Three app that I have brought up in past posts and focus on those three most important tasks each day. If I focus on three areas I don’t overwhelm myself. Once I complete the three tasks I can work on the other things that are not on the priority list.

Another thing that works great when you get frustrated or stressed is to take a few minutes and just focus on your breathing. There are great apps to help you with this like CALM or you can just do on your own.

To stay positive we need to let the negative thoughts go away. We can recognize that the thought is there in our mind but we need to let it go fast and replace it with a positive thought or a positive power word that changes our mindset.

Elite performers are elite because they have figured out how to do this in their lives. We see this all the time in athletes, business people, religious leaders and great family leaders! There Frequency Illusion is focused on the right things that matter. 

What Do You Do When Your Day Does Not Go Your Way?

Please comment below how you have stayed positive on a stressful day.

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